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If you live near St. Louis or Columbia, Missouri, the Disabled Athlete Sports Association needs you as a volunteer! When you become a volunteer, you help DASA carry out its mission to encourage athletes to seek the highest level of independence and become involved, to the fullest extent, with their non-disabled peers and community as a whole. Your assistance at our events and in our athletes’ lives makes their success possible.

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Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer, you support our athletes in countless ways and help DASA as we provide extraordinary, inclusive year-round fitness and athletic opportunities for children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, and injured service members and first responders who have primary physical, visual, and hearing disabilities.

Volunteering at our sporting events, clinics, fundraisers, camps, and other exciting specialty programs is inspiring and fun and leads to a comradery that sparks motivation in all of us to explore our diffabilities.

Recreational Programs

Competitive Teams

These programs may require a larger commitment than our regular, recreational programs.


  • Mike Bush Fantasy Baseball Camp
  • Camp WECANDU

Games & Events

  • Oktoberfest Run
  • Adaptive Sports Day Extravaganza
  • Tournaments
    • Jerry Frick Power Soccer Legacy Tournament
    • Crazy 8’s Quad Rugby Tournament
    • Midwest Sled Hockey tournament
    • Gateway Games- Multisport competition

Diffability: We are not “normal,” not “broken,” not “special.”  We don’t have a “condition.” We are able, just different. All of us have diffabilities.

3. Steps to Become a DASA Volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering for recreational programs, sporting competitions, fundraising events, or camps, please follow our step-by-step process to becoming a volunteer.


Read the DASA Volunteer Manual.

We want to ensure you understand the expectations and duties involved in becoming a DASA volunteer before you fill out the application. Once you read the manual, if you would still like to become a volunteer, please move onto Step 2.


Fill out the application.

If you are interested in working with one or more of our sports or activity programs, you MUST first complete the following application prior to volunteering with DASA (by clicking the “apply now” button below). After completing the application, DASA’s Program Director & Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you to provide you with more information.

DASA is currently looking for volunteers in BOTH the St. Louis area and Columbia, MO area. Please complete the appropriate form for the area in which you are interested in volunteering.


Sign waiver.

If you are volunteering at DASA, an event waiver must be signed. If you are under 18, please have your parents sign before you come to the DASA program/event. Please click the “DASA Waiver” button and be sure to fill out both the liability section and the media release section.

Thank You for Volunteering

The DASA team, comprised of staff, interns, and volunteers, introduces sports and fitness activities that promote physical fitness, self-confidence, and family values, and strive for a positive, team-building environment designed to encourage personal growth throughout all aspects of life.

We couldn’t do what we do without you, our volunteers – thank you!

If you aren’t a volunteer already, get started today on the Steps to Becoming a Volunteer and feel free to contact Jenny if you have questions 636-477-0716.

We would love to learn more about your fitness needs and how DASA can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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