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DASA, based in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, offers Motivational Opportunities and Rehabilitative Exercise (M.O.R.E.), adaptive and Paralympic training, and sports and fitness programs to thousands of physically disabled, deaf and hard of hearing, and visually impaired children, youth, adults, and military veterans.

Our comprehensive adaptive training and sports programs enhance DASA athletes’ abilities to gain strength, endurance, increased motor skills, confidence, and priceless emotional well-being. Many also become skilled recreational, competitive, and Paralympian athletes.

For over two decades, we’ve watched our athletes become empowered by enhancing their ABILITIES and benefit from the positive impact of an active life.

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By the Numbers

DASA athletes are known to achieve great things! Some gain overall strength and independence to become productive members of society while others go on to compete in regional and national competitions or train for and win medals in the Paralympics.

The positive results of DASA adaptive sports programs are far-reaching and affect physical health, emotional well-being, social engagement, economic status, and overall quality of life.

  • DASA serves over 3,000 athletes and their families annually.
  • 98% of DASA athletes have increased their overall health and well-being.
  • 98% have increased their overall strength and endurance.
  • To date, DASA celebrates 3 Paralympic gold medalists in the sport of sled hockey, a Team USA Assistant Coach and athlete in Wheelchair Rugby, and a 3-time Paralympic medalist in the sport of track.
  • In the past 3 years, DASA has grown in its athlete numbers by 10% annually, expanding into the regions of Mid-Missouri and St. Louis City.
  • DASA has started a toddler swim program as a method of early intervention and a pipeline for future age-appropriate DASA athletes.

To learn more about DASA’s impact by the numbers, click on the (By the Numbers Page) button below and see the difference we’re making with your help.

Through DASA adaptive sports programs, our athletes gain the highest level of independence and build camaraderie, self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and accomplishment that helps them grow into healthier, happier, more independent people.

Adaptive Sports Benefits

A 2018 Harris Interactive study of more than 1,000 adults with disabilities showed that adaptive sports participants have higher employment rates and are happier with higher socialization than those who do not participate in adaptive sports.

Those participating in a Disabled Sports USA –Move United program, such as DASA, were more likely to:

  • Be employed (52% vs. 33%).
  • Be more physically active (64% vs. 30%).
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle (52% vs. 25%).
  • Lead a fulfilling life (72% vs. 46%).
  • Enjoy socializing more (80% vs. 70%).
  • Look forward to the rest of their life (81% vs. 61%).

What it Means to be a U.S. Paralympic Sport Club

Most individuals with Paralympic-eligible impairments do not have the opportunity to participate in any regular sports activity. That’s where DASA is making a huge impact.

The U.S. Paralympics, which supports Paralympic Sport Clubs like DASA, has been helping and inspiring Americans with disabilities achieve their dreams of Paralympic gold through educational opportunities and sports, such as snow skiing, cycling, track and field, powerlifting, and swimming.

We congratulate our 3 Paralympic gold medalists and have plans to encourage many more of our DASA athletes to achieve their gold-medal dreams as we educate the community about disabled sports and provide Olympic-driven sport opportunities for people with disabilities, including Paralympic Experiences and Athlete Identification camps that also serve as a pipeline for the U.S. Paralympic Team.

Help Us Continue to Make an Impact

It is because of our community of donors, volunteers, sponsors, interns, and staff, that DASA is able to make an impact and change lives in such a dramatic way. Please help us continue our mission to give individuals with disabilities the ability to achieve a better quality of life.

We would love to learn more about your fitness needs and how DASA can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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